Healthy Online Relationships Quest

Your Online Identity

What are you sharing on your Instagram stories? How about your Snapchat stories? What do you post in your private stories? What if someone takes a screenshot?

You posted an Instagram story with pics you took in school of a person in your math class who is really cute and you really like. You shared it only in a private story to your close friends. One of your besties (or so you thought) takes a screenshot of your post and sends it to a bunch of people at school, and now everyone knows your crush and you are embarrassed.

What will you do? (Choose One)


Tell an adult that you don’t feel well and stay home for a few days until it blows over. Maybe no one will remember when you get back to school.


Find a really bad pic of your friend and do the same to them. It is only fair that they get a taste of what they give too!


Go to school and tell your friend that what they did was really hurtful, and your post wasn’t meant to be shared which is why it was in a private story.