Virtual Identity Quest

What does your virtual identity look like?

Your virtual identity is how others see you. Your actions can influence your future.

Can you think of ways your online actions today might help or harm you in the future? How is your virtual identity? Any changes you need to make?

Here are some things to think about:

  • Have you set up privacy settings in your online channels?
  • Do you keep drama and conflicts off social media?
  • Don’t be afraid to delete comments, untag photos, and make posts private.
  • Stay away from posting damaging and embarrassing photos and videos, defamatory or racist comments, and politically charged attacks.
  • Even if you delete a nasty comment you made, do you think someone might have taken a screenshot? Could it affect you in the future?
  • Even that Snap Story might turn up someday where you least expect it – could it harm your future?

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