To Text or not to Text, That is the QUESTion

Make it Viral

You never know what will spread rapidly and go viral. Something you send to a friend or group of friends for fun, might end up being shared broadly and could be harmful to you or to others.

You get a really revealing photo of someone you know in school from your friend in a text message with a note: “Can you believe this? Pass it on!”

What will you do? (Choose One)


You think – “Thankfully it isn’t me but it is pretty funny”, and you pass it on to a few of your friends – what harm can that do?


You delete the photo and send a message back to your friend that you wouldn’t want a photo like that of you sent around. You don’t send it and just delete it!
You don’t send it to anyone, but you also think you should tell a counselor or another trusted adult at school. Someone could be in danger.